Tuesday, October 7, 2008

My weekend book cover project

As promised I've taken a picture of my book cover. Cathy painted the fabric and let me loose. I found I couldn't easily use the felting machine directly on the tightly woven fabric, too many holes, so I machine felted the tree on to a piece of white craft felt (next time I'll think about it and put my fibre on a darker craft felt..doh) I cut out the tree carefully and sewed it down to the fabric. I didn't get the placement as centred as I should have but I like the skewed look. I then hand embroidered the leaves on...I LOVE hand work..and then last weekend I discovered the fabulous art of FREE MOTION stitching. I had WAY too much fun and didn't want to stop..even when there really wasn't another spot for me to stitch on...I love the look and the texture. I dabbed a bit of sliver glitter glue on the tree trunk and like the subtle way it shines in a certain light.
Oooooo...I can't wait to start something else with free motioning in mind! Monster created!!
Til next time...

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